Posted by: stevnbetho | March 24, 2008

We are back!

Been back for a little more than a week.  It was hard going back to work.  We are wading through our 1000+ photos, and collecting our memories.  I have put a few stories together and have posted them to my other blog at – please go check it out.  Feel free to browse around and leave a comment or two. 

We’ve also posted a few pics to flickr – check them out here.  (We also have it on bottom of the sidebar.)

It is great to be back.  I’ll be posting some more stories and pics soon – so please check back. 

 We thank you for you prayers, your support and your willingness to participate in what has proven to be a very fruitful time of ministry for us.  We have much to share about it in the coming days.

Posted by: stevnbetho | February 27, 2008

Here we go!

As I write this, my brother Carl is on the way to pick me up from work, with Beth – we are going straight to St. Louis.  I said goodby to my kids this morning.  We are on our way.  We have a room for the night, and then fly out early tomorrow morning (The whole trip will last about 30 hours with layovers.)  This may be the last post for awhile. Bookmark the Twitter link in the sidebar, we’ll be using that for updates.  Thanks again for your prayers.  Keep it up!

Posted by: stevnbetho | February 24, 2008

Almost there!

Well, just a couple more days till we leave.  As I write this, my mother is en route from California to come stay with the boys while we are away.  We will be renting a room near the airport Wednesday evening and flying out to D.C. early Thursday morning.  From D.C. we fly to Johannesburg, then on to Durban.  The longest part of the trip will be over 15 hrs. in the air.  (Hopefully non-stop since we’ll be over the water most of the way.)

 During out trip we will be doing Twitter Updates – look in the top right of the sidebar for the link. (Or above)  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the widget to work on this site, or the updates would be posted right here.  If you don’t know about Twitter – check it out.  I’ll be able to text message from anywhere there is cell-phone reception, and you’ll be able to see what we’re doing.  We will also write updates to this page from time to time. 

Here’s some cool news – Our church blessed us beyond what our class was able to give towards resources for the church in Durban – we were able to get more than we’d expected for them.  Can’t wait to present them with these gifts!

Thanks to all of you  for your prayers.  

 Steve & Beth

Posted by: stevnbetho | February 17, 2008

Just around the corner…

We are very blessed and excited to be nearly on our way.  And we’re just a little nervous, it you want to get down to it. 

Here’s what I mean.  Most of the details that are under our control have been handled, now what remains are those things which are beyond our control.  One main problem:  Are the bags going to be too heavy?  Will we have a huge long layover or delay somewhere?  Will our bags get lost?  You know, all that stuff that can get you overly worried and excited for no good reason. 

 On a more pleasant note, we happy to anounce that our Sunday School class participated in blessing us for this trip.  They took an offering which will help buy some books and materials that we’ll be bringing to bless the church in Durban.  That was an awesome thing! 

Steve’s mother, Cheri, will be on her way to stay with the boys while we are gone.  We hope she is looking forward to it, the boys seem to be, (especially the younger two, who have been collecting small pieces of rope, and duct-tape for some reason…).

As for our prayer needs:  please keep our family on your list, and of course our safety while we travel.   But most of all, we are hoping to strengthen our relationship with our friends, build new relationships and to see God open the doors for future ministry that would meet tangible needs in the long-run in South Africa.  We need to have our spiritual eyes wide open while we are there and just soak up as much as possible.  We also want to bless and refresh the missionaries, Paul & Penny Hesman, and our friends Dennis and Violet Nkosi and their families. 

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Please e-mail us or post a comment when you stop by to let us know you’re praying for us.

Posted by: obergbeth | January 17, 2008

The Eternal Journey

I’m coming to realize that a journey in God’s kingdom has no beginning or ending.  We just sort of enter it at some point when He wills it.  Who would have thought when I entered this journey (in 1985 as Dennis’ host sister) that it would lead me to where I am now?  And just think about the incredible way God has woven our families together for such a moment.  And yet, even more incredible is that the journey will continue and we are just along for the ride.  Others will enter and leave and the paths will take many twists and turns.  But the most important thing will be if we did what God told us to do while on this earth.  Did we love and worship Him?  Did we love and serve our neighbors?  That’s all that matters.  No, the journey doesn’t have an ending.  It’s what we do while we are a part of the journey that counts.   

Posted by: stevnbetho | January 12, 2008

We are making progress!

Hello everyone!

 Thanks for visiting.  Pray for us as we continue to hammer out the details for our trip.  We are currently working out our itinerary. 

Some exciting news, Dennis called this afternoon to discuss their needs as to preaching and other ministry opportunities for us.  We will update on that later.

 We will be fasting and praying throughout the week as we finalize our travel arrangements.  Please pray with us as we begin to prepare for ministry. 

Steve will have some opportunities to preach and also teach the youth.  Beth will be ministering to teenaged girls.  We may also participate in ministry to HIV/Aids patients with a relief team.

 Dennnis & Violet

Our main desire is to be a blessing and encouragement to the Nkosi’s and to the Hesmon’s (the missionary family). 

 We will keep you posted as more details unfold.